You can set predefined redaction codes, similar to custom text, to appear over your redaction areas. These codes often indicate, or at least suggest the reason the material was redacted. Some code sets include a set of code entries, such as the U.S. FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) and the U.S. Privacy Act. Redaction codes can be saved, imported, and exported.

To create redaction code sets and entries:

  1. Select Redaction Tool Properties from the Tasks > Redaction toolbar, or go to Document > Redaction > Redaction Tool Properties.
  2. Check Use Overlay Text.
  3. Select Redaction Code, and then click Edit.
  4. In the Redaction Code Editor dialog box, click PDF Gold newbookmark Setting Redaction Codes to add a new code set or entry. Click PDF Gold delete Setting Redaction Codes to delete a new code set or entry. Note: To create or delete a new entry, you have to first select a code set that the entry belongs to. Click PDF Gold rename Setting Redaction Codesto rename a selected code set or entry.
  5. Repeat the above step to add/delete/remove more code sets or entries.



Setting Redaction Codes