Redaction marks usually appear as black rectangle boxes by default. However, you can define custom default appearance for redaction marks, or change the appearance of a selected redaction mark(s) before you apply redactions.

To set default Redaction Properties:

  1. Choose Document > Redaction > Redaction Tool Properties, or select the icon PDF Gold properties Setting Redaction Properties from Tasks > Redaction toolbar.
  2. In the Redaction Tool Properties dialog box, set the following options:
    • Mark Color: Set the color for redacted areas.
    • Overlay Text. Set Font characters, Custom text, and the Redaction Code for redacted areas. See Setting Redaction Codes.
  3. Click OK to apply settings.

To set overlay font characters:
Click Edit button next to Font in the Redaction Tool Properties dialog box

  • Font Name: Set the font for the overlay text.
  • Font Size: Set the size of the overlay text font.
  • Font Color: Set the color of the overlay text font.
  • Text Alignment: Set how the overlay text will align.
  • Auto-size text to fit redaction region. If this option is checked, the overlay text will be automatically resized to fit in the redaction area.



Setting Redaction Properties