Combined with the embedded Search function in PDF Plus, search and redact specific words or phrases from an open PDF or multiple PDFs in a specified folder.

To search and redact text in a PDF:

  1. Select the Search and Redaction tool PDF Gold redact search Searching and Redacting Text at Document > Redaction > Search and Redact, or the Tasks > Redact toolbar
  2. In the Search and Redact panel, input the words or phrases you want to search and redact in the text box.
  3. Specify whether to search the current PDF, multiple PDFs, a PDF package, or all PDFs in a specified folder.
  4. Check any necessary search modifiers such as Match Case or Match whole word only. See Using the Search Panel.
  5. Click Search and Redact.
  6. In the search result list, check all items you want to mark for redaction. If you want to mark all items, click Check All.
  7. Click Mark Selected Results for Redaction. All checked search results will then be marked for pending redaction.
  8. Select Apply Redaction from the menu (Document > Redaction > Apply Redaction) or the Tasks > Redaction toolbar. You can also apply redaction in the document itself by right-clicking each individual redaction mark.
  9. In the pop-up Apply dialog box, check which types of content covered by the marked area to remove. If you check the option Remove all references to the marked content, all referred object data will be remove from the PDF. Click the Apply button to execute redaction.

Note: Redaction can not be undone after it is applied. For this reason it is recommended you keep an original version of the file saved.


Searching and Redacting Text