A Boolean search of PDF documents provides more options to help you search for accurate target words and phrases.

To use a Boolean query in a multiple-document search:

  1. Choose Edit> Search or click PDF Gold search Using a Boolean Query  to open the Search Window.
  2. Choose Selected Folder or Currently Selected Indexes in the Look in menu.
  3. Click Advance and select Boolean query in the Match menu.
  4. Type the query for the search terms using Boolean terms and syntax.
  5. Click Search. The results appear under the document names and paths.
  6. Click a result in the Results list box to display the related page.

Commonly used Boolean operators:

  • Use the AND operator between two words to find documents that contain both terms. For example, type Fruit AND Apple. All documents that contain both words will be found.
  • Use the NOT operator before a search term to exclude any documents that contain that term. For example, type NOT Apple. All documents that do not contain the word Apple will be found. Or, type Orange NOT Apple to find all documents that contain the word Orange and do not contain the word Apple.
  • Use the OR operator to search for all instances that contains either of the terms. For example, type Apple OR Orange. All documents that contain one of the two words will be found.
  • Use ^ (exclusive OR) to search for all instances that contains either item, but not both. For example, type Apple ^ Orange. All documents that contain Apple or Orange will be found, excluding those that contain both.
  • Use parentheses to specify the order of evaluation of terms in a query. For example, type Fruit & (Apple | Orange). The query processor performs an OR query on Apple and Orange, and then performs an AND query on the result with Fruit.

PDF Gold boolean Using a Boolean Query


  • You cannot do wildcard searches using asterisks (*) or question marks (?) when searching index files.
  • Refer to websites, text, or other resources to learn more about Boolean queries, syntax, and other operators that you can use in your searches.

Using a Boolean Query