When you build a new index, it generates a new ZPI file and a new support folder that contains one or more files. The .zpi file, which is small, makes the information in the files of the support folder available to the search function. The files of the support folder contains the index entries that a user finds in the index, so their sizes–individually or collectively–can be large. All of these files must be available to users who want to search the index.

You can rebuild or purge an existing index. The Rebuild option creates a new index and overwrites the existing files in the support folder, both replacing older files with the new files. The Purge option deletes all the files in the support folder, but doesn’t delete the .zpi file.

To revise an existing index:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Create Full Text Indexes
  2. Locate and select an existing index definition file (ZPI) for the index, and click Open.
  3. In the Index Definition dialog box, perform one of the following to make any change to the index you’ve selected:
    • Click Rebuild to create a new index, overwriting the existing index and its related files.
    • Click Purge to delete the index contents without deleting the index file itself.
  4. When the indexing process is successfully completed, click Close.

Rebuilding and Purging Existing Indexes