You can set a specific initial view for a PDF document which determines how the document displays when it is opened.

To set an initial view for a PDF document:

  1. Open a target PDF document for which you want to set initial view.
  2. Choose Document > Document Properties, or click the button PDF Gold triangleright Setting PDF Initial View at the top of the vertical scrolling bar to select Document Properties.
  3. Click the Initial View tab in the Document Properties dialog to set settings.
    • Document Display. Select to display page only, or with a navigation panel (Bookmarks panel, Thumbnails panel, or Attachments panel).
      Page layout. Select to show default page layout, or a specific layout (Single page, Continuous, Facing, or Continuous-Facing).
      Zoom. Select to show default magnification, or a set zoom option (Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Height, or a predefined value).
      Go to page. Select a page to show in the first view.
    • Window. Determine whether the window is resized to first page, centered on screen, or with full screen mode.
      Select what displays on the window (File name or Document title).
    • Hide. Determine whether to hide the Menu bar, Tool bar, or Window Controls.
  4. Click OK.

Setting PDF Initial View