The Document Properties window contains basic and advanced descriptions of the current document, as well as security settings, initial view settings, and fonts used. Some document properties are generated automatically as the document is created, while some are added later by the author or other users manually (if the document security settings allow).

To get information about the current document:

  1. Choose Document > Document Properties, or click the button PDF Gold triangleright Viewing Document Properties at the top of the vertical scrolling bar to select Document Properties.
  2. Click the following tabs to view related information or change settings:
    • Description
      The Description tab contains information about the PDF document. For the Title, Author, Subject, Base URL, and Keywords box, the information can be created in the source application file, such as Microsoft Word, or added by the author or other users manually after it is converted to PDF. Other information, including the Advanced section, shows which PDF version the document is created in, the file size, the page size, the location and number of pages. This information is generated automatically and cannot be modified.
    • Security
      The Security tab describes if the document is protected or what security method the document is protected under. You can view what actions are permitted and change security settings for the document, if allowed. See Security.
    • Initial View
      The Initial View tab describes how the PDF document appears when it’s opened. This includes the display type, page layout, magnification level, the opening page number, the initial window size, and whether the menu bar, toolbar, and the window control are displayed. You can change any of these settings to control how the document appears the next time it is opened. See Setting PDF Initial View.
    • Custom
      The Custom tab lets you add your own property types to the document. Each property name must be different and you cannot use standard property names.
    • Fonts
      The Fonts tab lists the fonts and the font types used in the original document, and the fonts, font types, and encoding used to display those original fonts (they are not always the same).

      If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of the substituted fonts in the document, you may install the original fonts on your system or ask the document creator to re-create the document with the original fonts embedded within. See Embedding Fonts.

Viewing Document Properties