Change the page layout to get a better overview of the document.

To set page layout:

  • Choose View > Single Page, Continuous, Facing, or Continuous-Facing.


  • Click the Single Page button PDF Gold singlepage Setting the Page Layout , the Continuous button PDF Gold continuous Setting the Page Layout , the Facing button PDF Gold facing Setting the Page Layout , or the Continuous-Facing button PDF Gold continuous facing Setting the Page Layout on the View Bar.

Note: If necessary, choose View > Zoom > Fit Page to display the document in its current layout.

Available layouts:

  • Single Page: Displays one page in the document view at a time.
  • Continuous: Arranges the pages in a continuous vertical column.
  • Facing: Displays two pages side-by-side in the document panel at a time.
  • Continuous-Facing: Arranges the pages side-by-side in a continuous vertical column. If a document has more than two pages, the first page is displayed on the left to ensure proper display of two-page spreads.

PDF Gold pagelayout Setting the Page Layout
Single Page, Continuous, Facing, and Continuous-Facing layouts

Note: In Single Page mode, the Edit > Select All command selects all text on the current page.
In Continuous and Facing Page modes, it selects all text in the entire PDF document.

Setting the Page Layout