Reading Documents in Read Mode

You can hide unnecessary tools and menus to make reading a PDF document easier.

  • Choose View > Toolbars> Hide Toolbars or press F8 to hide the Toolbars, retaining the Menu bar, Navigation and Organizer Panels, and the View bar.
  • Choose View > Menu Bar or press F9 to hide the menu bar to expand the document view even more.
  • If you want to customize the initial view for PDF documents, go to Document > Document Properties > Initial View to select settings. See Setting PDF Initial View.
  • To restore the original viewing mode, click or press the same button initially used to hide the toolbars/menus.

Reading Documents in Full Screen Mode

All controls are hidden in Full Screen mode, leaving the PDF page to fill the whole screen. Full Screen mode is usually used for presentations or demos. In Full Screen mode, the pointer is still active and you can click links or open notes. You can also use Hot Keystrokes for various commands such as magnification, print, searching, etc.

Ways to activate Full Screen mode:

  • Choose View > Full Screen
  • Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L to switch to Full Screen mode.
  • Click the Full Screen Mode icon in the View Bar.

Keyboard Commands:

PageDown or PDF Gold pagedown Selecting a Reading Mode – Scroll down page.
PageUp or PDF Gold pageup Selecting a Reading Mode – Scroll up page..
End – View the last page.
Home – View the first page.
Ctrl+L - Enter/Exit Full Screen mode.

Note: You can set full screen navigation and appearance options in Preferences. See General Preferences.

Selecting a Reading Mode