Rulers help you measure spaces or objects in your document, while adjustable Guides, or “guide lines” provide reference points for lining things up. The Ruler’s unit of measurement is adjustable to your preference.

To open the Ruler:

  • Open View > Rulers. A checkmark means the Ruler is active.

To open the Guide:

  • Open View > Guides. A checkmark means the Guide is active.

Setting a new Guide line:

  • To set a new Guide, the Ruler must be open. Click on either the horizontal or vertical Ruler and drag into the document. Click on the line and drag it again to move it.

Adjusting Guide and Ruler preferences:

  • Choose Edit > Preferences and open General > Units & Grid.
  • Adjust Page Units to your desired unit of measurement for the Ruler.
  • Adjust Guide color to set the color of your Guide line.

Rulers and Guides