• Show splash window
    Determines whether the DocuCom PDF Plus splash window appears at startup.
  • Check default viewer
    Checks whether DocuCom PDF Plus is the default PDF document browser each time when you open PDF documents.
  • Application Language
    Select the language used in DocuCom PDF Plus. At present, there is only English available.

Page Display

  • Smooth
    Selects whether to make text, graphics, and images smooth. The default setting is to smooth all.
  • Gray-out text below…Pixels
    Gray-out the text when the pixels are below the set value.
  • Default Page Layout
    Select to set default page layout when you first open a PDF document.
  • Default Zoom
    Select to set default magnification level for PDF documents when they are first opened. This value overrides document settings.

Units & Grid

  • Page Units
    Sets unit for pages to display. It can be “Point,” “Inch,” or “Millimeter.”
  • Grid
    Sets grid properties for PDF document pages.

Full Screen (Navigation & Appearance)

  • Advance every…second
    Specifies whether to advance automatically from page to page every set interval. You can also use mouse or keyboard commands to page through a document even if the option is selected.
  • Loop after last page
    Lets the document return to first page after the last when you paging through a PDF document. The option is typically used for setting up kiosk displays.
  • Escape key exist
    Allows pressing Escape key to exit Full Screen mode. If the option is not selected, you can exit by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L.
  • Left click to go forward; right click to go back
    Allows clicking mouse to turn pages. You can also press arrow key to page through a document.
  • Mouse Cursor
    Specifies mouse cursor status (show/hide) in Full Screen mode.
  • Background color
    Selects background color out of the page in Full Screen mode. You can choose Other Color to select a color from the system color palette.


  • Open cross document link in same window
    Closes the current document and opens the document being linked to in the same window, minimizing the number of windows open. If the document being linked to is already open in another window, the current document is not closed when you click a link to the open documents. If you do not select this option, a new window opens each time you click a link to a different document.
  • Hand Tool Click
    Determines how the document response when click the Hand tool. It can do nothing, turn a page down, or scroll the page down.
  • Reset All Warnings
    Return the behavior of all warning dialog boxes to default status.

General Preferences