In the Envelope panel, you can create custom envelope template that can be used in E-Package.

To create a custom envelope template in the Envelope panel:

  1. Prepare a PDF as the envelope. You can design the pattern in another editing program, convert it to PDF, and then add interactive form fields to the PDF in PDF Plus.
  2. Start PDF Plus and open the Envelope panel in the Organizer Panel (right toolbar), or choose View > Organizer Panels > Envelope.
  3. Click the Create button or select Create from the Options menu.
  4. In the pop-up Create Envelope dialog box, click Browse to select the prepared PDF as Envelope file. The file name will be the Envelope Name by default, which you can change.
  5. Select a security scheme and a signature scheme for the envelope which will be automatically used when you encrypt or sign the envelop file.
  6. Click OK.

Creating Custom Envelopes