Security is always a concern when sensitive files are transmitted or distributed. Secure Delivery is a convenient wizard which helps you safeguard files for delivery via e-mail.

Send out PDFs with Secure Delivery:

  1. Choose Document > Security > Secure Delivery, or click the Secure Delivery button PDF Gold securedelivery Secure Delivery on the File toolbar.
  2. In the Secure Delivery wizard dialog, there are four steps towards completing the Secure Delivery process:
    • Select Envelope
      Click this item to open the Envelope panel. Drag the desired template to the Document pane. An envelope may contain interactive form fields which need to be filled.
    • Add Attachments
      Click this item to add attachments. Selected files are added to the Attachment panel (Both PDF and non-PDF are allowed). You can add multiple files in the same location at one time or repeat the action to add more files in different locations.
    • Encrypt Files
      Click this item to open the Security panel. Drag a proper security scheme to encrypt the attachments or the envelope file. You can change the security settings anytime before you save and close the file package. See Using the Security Panel for more details.
    • Sign Document
      Click this item to open the Sign/Certify panel. Drag a proper signature scheme to sign the envelope file. Usually, it needs to create a digital signature field in the envelope file for signing when you design an envelope template. Otherwise, you can interactively sign the envelope. See Using the Sign/Certify Panel for more details.
      Note: Since changes can affect a signature’s validity, please sign only after you’re finished with all modifications.
  3. Make sure all jobs are completed and click Send to send the package. You default desktop e-mail application will create a new message window with the package attached.
  4. Fill in the necessary information in the e-mail message window (such as Recipients, Subject, Text and so forth) and send it.


Secure Delivery