You can save PDF files as an image type, such as JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG or TIFF with associated settings.

To save PDF files as an image type:

  1. Open an PDF file in PDF Plus and make modifications to it if necessary.
  2. Choose File> Save/Save As.
  3. Enter a file name for the to-be-saved file in the File Name box.
  4. Select an image type from the File Type menu.
  5. Click the Settings button and select proper options for the image file in the Save As … Setting dialog box.
    • File Settings. You can set Colorspace and Resolution for the image file.
    • Compression Settings. Grayscale and Color options are available for the file compression.

    Note: Different image types have different options.

  6. Click OK to apply the settings. If you want to use default settings, please click Defaults.
  7. Click the Save button.

Saving PDFs as Image Files