In PDF Plus you can create a comment summary and print the PDF with it. A comment summary shows the review history of the PDF.

To create a comment summary in PDF Plus:

  1. Choose Comments > Create Comment Summary.
  2. In the Create Comment Summary dialog box, set the following options:
    • Choose a comment summary layout.
      PDF Gold comment summary layout Print with Comments
    • Page Size: Set the size of comment summary pages.
    • Font Size: Set the font size of comment summary text – small, medium or large.
    • Comment Type: Decide which comments to print: All comments or Only the comments currently showing.
    • Sort Type: Decide how the comments are listed on the summary pages. You can arrange printed comments by author, date, page or type.
    • Page Range: Decide which pages you want to print with comments.
    • Connector Line: Set the color and opacity of the connector lines between the document and comments.
    • Pages containing no comments. Decide whether to print the pages that contain no comments.
  3. Click OK. The document pages will show as you’ve defined.
  4. Print the Comment Summary file.

Print with Comments