Most of the options in the Print dialog box are the same for different applications which support the print function. You can select the following options for basic office printing:


In the Printer Section, select an appropriate printer from the Name menu.

Select Document and Comment, Document Content, or Form Fields only from the Print Content menu which determines what content displays in the result files.

Click Properties beside the Name menu for more settings on the selected printer. See PDF Driver Properties.

Print Range

  • All Pages
    Prints all pages of the current document.
  • Current Page
    Prints the page that is visible in the current view.
  • Current View
    Print the visible page area in the current view.
  • Pages Range From…To…
    Prints a range of pages. You must type the page numbers corresponding with the order in which the pages are located in the document.
  • Subset
    You can select All Pages, Odd Pages, or Even Pages within the page range you’ve set.
  • Reverse pages
    The page order of the printed document is opposite from the original document.

Print Handling

You can select to print more than one copy of the document. The collate option is available when the number of copies is above 2.


  • None.
    Prints the upper left or center of a page (if auto-rotated and centered) without scaling. The page parts that don’t fit onto the paper will be cropped.
  • Fit to paper.
    Reduces or enlarges pages to fit the printable area, which is determined by the printer driver and the currently selected paper size.
  • Shrink large pages.
    Shrinks only large pages to fit the currently selected paper size without enlarging small pages.
  • Choose paper by PDF size.
    Selects proper paper to fit the PDF size.
  • Split pages to multiple sheets.
    Divides pages into segments or tiles. With this option, you can specify settings for Tile Scale, Overlap, Labels, and Cut Marks (including Western or Eastern style).
  • Multiple pages per sheet.
    Prints more than one page on the same sheet of paper. Page size will be properly adjusted to fit the paper. You can specify Page Number printed per sheet.

Auto-Rotate and Center
The orientation of the PDF document is automatically rotated to fit the orientation specified in printer properties and the pages are centered in the imaging area.

Remove Margins
The blank margins of document pages are not printed.

In the right preview area, you can view the scaling effect of pages. Click navigation buttons to flip through pages.

Print as images
The document is printed as an image.

Print to file
Creates a PostScript file of the document dependent on the output device.

Print Options