PDF Plus 9.0 has a newly-designed user interface/Work Area that simplifies the user experience even as more extensive features are added. Customizable toolbars also let each person decide which tools they need and which they don’t, while the new sidebars offer convenient access to commonly-used features.

Work Area Breakdown

Menu Bar - Location of File, Edit, View, Tools, Help, Etc. All functions can be accessed here.

Toolbars - Right-click any toolbar to begin customization.

Navigation Panels (Left Toolbar) – The Pages, Bookmarks, Destinations, Model Tree, and Signatures Panels are located at the top. Click any to activate the panel. At the bottom are the Attachments and Comments Panels.

Organizer Panels (Right Toolbar) – Here the Stamps, Clip Arts, Security, Sign/Certify, Envelope, Search and Watermarks Panels are located.

Document Properties/Preferences Shortcut – At the top left of the right sidebar is a little triangle icon where you can access Document Properties, Reset Toolbars, and Preferences.

Open/Hide Navigation Panels Shortcuts – On the lower left corner there is a double triangle icon. Click to open or hide currently active Navigation Panel, if any.

View Bar – The Navigation Toolbar, when active, is located on the bottom of the page. Here you can rotate/change views, change pages, and zoom in/out.

PDF Plus Work Area