You can open several PDF documents to view and edit in PDF Plus at one time. Click PDF Gold upper left icon Opening Multiple PDFs on the left-top of the Menu bar or PDF Gold windowcontrol Opening Multiple PDFs on the right-top of the Menu bar to Minimize, Maximize, or Close/Restore the document view. Click PDF Gold closepanel Opening Multiple PDFs in the upper right corner to close only the currently owned document without exiting PDF Plus.

In the Window menu, select any of these options to adjust your Document View:

  • Choose New Window to open a new window for the uppermost document.
  • Choose Cascade, Title > Horizontally, or Title > Vertically to adjust document view.
  • Choose Close All to close all open PDF documents. Save any unsaved documents before closing.
  • Choose Split Horizontally, Split Vertically, or Quad Split for single document view.
  • You can also select which document in the Window menu to show uppermost.

Note: The maximum number of documents you can open at a time in PDF Plus is 50.

Opening Multiple PDFs