You can create new, custom blank PDF files in PDF Plus.

To create a new blank PDF file:

  1. Do any one of the following:
    • Choose File > New PDF > Blank PDF.
    • Click New PDF PDF Gold blankfile Creating Custom Blank PDFs from the toolbars.
    • Press Ctrl + N.
  2. Set for your new blank PDF:
    • Page Size Name: Select a default page size (A3, A4, Letter, etc.) or a new custom size. Type in a new name for your custom size to open the editing options. Add your custom page size to the default list by checking Add this custom to default at the bottom of the dialog.
    • Width and Height: Define page width and height for your custom size.
    • Page Orientation: Define page orientation fro your custom size.
    • Page Number: Define how many pages you want for your new blank PDF.
  3. Click OK.

Creating Custom Blank PDFs