You can open PDF documents in PDF Plus from local Windows Explorer, shared folders, Internet Explorer, e-mail applications, etc. PDF documents display their initial view, set by the author when created. You can change the initial view at Document Properties. See Setting PDF Initial View for details.

Sometimes, PDF documents are opened in full screen mode in which case you cannot see the menu, toolbars, status bar or window controls. To quit full screen mode, press Ctrl + L or Esc if you’ve checked the Escape key quit option in Preferences (General > Full Screen).

Some PDF documents may have security settings that require passwords/digital ids to open, or restrict permissions such as copying or printing. If this happens when you open a PDF document, please ask for any passwords/permissions from the author. See Security.

To open PDF documents in PDF Plus:

  • Choose File > Open and select the PDF document you want to open from your local machine or other places in the network.


  1. Set PDF Plus as your default PDF viewer.
  2. Double-click the PDF document/links from Windows Explorer, an e-mail application, or other network locations.

Opening PDFs