Custom Defined Fields serve for adding additional information to PDF documents so you can later find them more quickly using PDF Plus, a member of our PDF product family. You can use custom defined fields with its index search.

Custom defined fields let you narrow your search, using not only the standard fields (author, title, subject, keywords) but also custom defined fields containing values you can define. Narrowing the search means that the program will make a full-text search for a given phrase only in the documents distinguished with (one or more) custom defined fields.

In the Document Information section of the Document Settings panel, the blue text Click here to add a custom item lets you add custom defined fields to your PDF file. You can add as many custom defined fields as you need. If you want to create three custom defined fields you have to click this blue text three times.

As an example, to search PDF files containing data on the first quarter of 2006, define a field: “Quarter” and enter “2006 Q1″. Do this for all PDF files you want included in this category.

To specify custom defined fields for a PDF document:

  1. Display the Document Settings panel.
  2. Click the blue text “Click here to add a custom item” under Custom Defined Fields.
  3. PDF Gold custom defined field Custom Defined Fields will appear.
  4. Click in the first text box. Owner Key1 will become selected, you can replace it with your field name “Quarter”.
  5. Click in the second text box and enter a field value, in our example ’2006 Q1′.
  6. The newly created custom defined field will look like this: PDF Gold example cdf Custom Defined Fields

To delete a custom defined field:

  1. Select a field to be deleted.
  2. Use PDF Gold icon delete Custom Defined Fields to delete a selected custom defined field.

Custom Defined Fields