You can display the Document Settings panel from the PDF Settings panel of the PDF Driver Properties dialog box, or from the Save As dialog box if PDF creation was started from the integrated Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. In this panel you can specify options for PDF files. These options define how the resulting PDF is displayed (e.g. which page to display as initial page). You can also add Document Information such as Title, Subject, Author, Keywords or Custom Defined Fields to make it easier to search PDF documents by category.

How to access the Document Settings dialog:

  1. Click the Settings button PDF Gold convert setting Document Settings on the Microsoft Word toolbar or in the DocuCom PDF menu. Or, right-click the DocuCom PDF Driver printer in the Windows Printers and Faxes folder and select Printing Preferences, then skip to step 3.
  2. Go to the Advanced Settings tab and click the Advanced Settings button on the bottom.
  3. Go the PDF Settings tab in the PDF Driver Properties dialog.
  4. Check Document Settings at the bottom and click Edit.

What you can do in the document settings dialog box:

  • Click an item to modify it.
  • Click on Yes or No to change the value of two-choice items.
  • Click a multiple-choice item to open the drop-down list of choices.
  • Click on Title, Subject, Author or Keywords to open an edit box.
  • Custom Defined Fields let you add, define and delete additional fields and values to PDF documents.

Document Settings