To Open Destination Settings dialog box, do one of the followings:

  • Click on the lower Edit button in PDF Direct!.
  • Click Query file name or the currently selected target in the context menu of Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click the application icon PDF Gold direct notice Destination Settings in the Notice area of the Windows taskbar and select Edit Destination Setting.

The default setting is Query the file name which means you will be prompted to designate a file name each time a file is created. Other options are:

  • Save results in source folder
    The resulting PDF file will be saved in the same folder as the source file.
  • Save results in specified folder
    All resulting PDF files will be saved in a set folder you’ve specified. Click the Browse button to select a folder.
  • Send results as E-mail attachment only
    The resulting PDF file will be sent as an attachment and will not be saved.

Lists the folder each file will be saved to if Save results in specified folder has been selected.

If File Exists
The delivery default selection is Query the file name. The Save As dialog box will be displayed if the target file name already exists in the folder you are saving the file. Other options are:

  • Replace existing file
    The existing file will be replaced by the new one bearing the same name.
  • Auto-rename the result file
    The new PDF file will use the target file name along with a sequential number (e.g. Document 1, Document2).

Send as E-mail
Select this checkbox if you want to send a copy of the resulting PDF file as an e-mail attachment.

View Result PDF
Select this option to view the resulting PDF after it is created.

Destination Settings