PDF Direct! is the frontal platform for PDF Driver, from which you can perform all conversion actions. Each file can be converted to a separate PDF file by default, or you can combine, overlay, or package a group of files into one.

Starting PDF Direct!:

  • Double-click PDF Gold pdfdirect PDF Direct! on the desktop or single-click it in the quick launch bar.
  • Start >Programs (win2000) / All Programs (Win XP) > ZEON DocuCom > PDF Driver > DocuCom PDF Direct!.


PDF Gold direct window PDF Direct!

Using the File Queue:

  • Use the add button PDF Gold direct add PDF Direct! to build up a list of files in the file queue, or simply drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer.
  • You can remove selected files from this list with the delete button PDF Gold direct delete PDF Direct! or all the files with the clear button PDF Gold direct clear PDF Direct!. The removed files will not be deleted from your computer, only from this list.
  • You can re-arrange the file sequence with the up button PDF Gold direct up PDF Direct! and the down button PDF Gold direct down PDF Direct!. Files will be converted to PDF following the sequence order.
  • Select Always on Top to make the Direct! window always appear on top of other windows.
  • Click Online Help to open the help system.
  • Click Supported File Types to show the list of files convertible to PDF:
    PDF files (*.pdf) PCX files (*.pcx) BMP files (*.bmp)
    Photo CD files (*.pcd) GIF files (*.gif) Photoshop files (*.psd)
    HTML files (*.htm, *.html) PNG files (*.png) JPEG files (*.jpeg, *.bmp)
    Targa files (*.tga) JPEG2000 files
    (*.j2c, *.j2k, *.jp2, *.jpx, *.jpf)
    Text files (*.txt)
    Metafile (*.emf, wmf) TIFF files (*.tiff, *.tif) Microsoft Office files
    (*.rtf, *.xls, *.ppt, *.doc)
    PAX files (*.pax) TLA files (*.tla)  

Converting Method

In the PDF Gold direct assemble PDF Direct! Assemble selection box you can choose from the following options:

  • Convert files to PDF documents
    Creates a separate PDF for each source document.
  • Combine files into one PDF document
    Combines the files in the given order to create a single PDF file.
  • Overlay files as one PDF document
    Pages in the newly created PDF will combine the page contents from the contributing files. The overlay settings can be set by clicking the Option button and selecting a position pattern.
  • Package files into one PDF document
    Packages multiple PDF files into one but keeps each document separate, unlike the Combine files option.

Conversion Profiles

In the PDF Gold direct profile PDF Direct! Profile selection box you can choose from the following pre-defined profiles: Factory Default, Draft Only, Company Confidential, Publishing Quality, and My Stamp. Click Edit to adjust profile settings. See Edit Profiles.

Destination Settings

Click Edit to call up the Destination Settings dialog box to define where the results should be saved: into the source document folder, to a specified location, or sent as an e-mail attachment. The default setting is Query the file name, which means Direct! will prompt you each time to specify a location.

Click Go PDF Gold direct go PDF Direct! to begin conversion.

PDF Direct!