Adjust settings to give you added control when creating PDF files from Microsoft Word documents. You can transfer your Word bookmarks, hyperlinks, and comments to PDF files.

  1. Click the Settings button PDF Gold convert setting MS Word Settings on the Microsoft Word toolbar or in the DocuCom PDF menu to call up the Settings dialog.
  2. You can modify settings for generating bookmarks, links, and comments.
  3. To have the changed settings apply to future conversions, select the checkmark Generate Bookmarks, Links, Comments in result PDF file.
  4. The Advanced Settings panel gives you full control over PDF creation.
  5. Click the OK button to confirm your settings.
  6. To create a PDF file with the changed settings, click the DocuCom PDF buttons in the Microsoft Word toolbar or choose a conversion item in the DocuCom PDF menu.

Note: Bookmarks, links and comments can be transmitted only if you start PDF creation as described in point 6. They are not transmitted when you use the Microsoft Word File > Print command or when you convert a Word document in PDF Direct!.


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