This window lists comments from all document reviewers. You can choose a different color for each author and specify author status. Word comments will be converted to easily editable PDF comments (notes) with author names and colors.

Convert Word Comments to PDF Comments
Select this to create PDF comments. You must select this option to see comments listed and to access the panel settings.

Convert Word Text boxes to PDF Articles
Select this to convert Word’s text boxes to “Articles” in the PDF file. The article feature helps you to read through a related story column-by-column and/or across a series of pages.

Author Name, Status and Color
This list box will be empty if there are no comments in the current Word file. Select each comment per author to have comments from some or all authors converted.

Click the “status” value in the first comment of each author and select how that author’s comments should be displayed when the PDF is opened:

Open: Display comment windows open.
Closed: Display comment icons only.

Click the “color” value in the first comment of each author to assign a color for each author. The comment title bar and icon will display this color.


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