PDF Package is a PDF Driver feature that “packages” multiple PDF files into one while keeping each document separate from each other. That makes it different from the Combine Files feature, which merges the documents page-by-page.

Note: You may only add PDF and PDF-convertible files into the package.

How to create a PDF Package:

  1. From PDF Plus, choose File > New Package or find the icon PDF Gold package Packaging Multiple Files on the Tasks toolbar. Both will take you to PDF Direct!. Or, just start PDF Direct! and select Package files into one PDF document in the Assemble Selection Box.
  2. Click Add to build the list of PDF files you would like to package. Rearrange the order with the Up and Down buttons.
  3. Choose Package files into one PDF document and click Option to select a cover sheet (see below).
  4. Select the desired conversion Profile and file Destination from the list below.
  5. Click Go to start the Package process.

Setting a Cover Sheet for your PDF Package:

You must set a Cover Sheet for your package. This is the page the reader will see first when opening the document. The provided DocuCom template offers a description of the PDF Package feature, which is useful for readers unfamiliar with the format. Or, just set the cover sheet to the first file.

Packaging Multiple Files