You can create PDFs many different ways:

  • Start PDF Direct! and convert source files to PDF through the interface tool.
  • Right-click the source files and select a conversion profile from the menu.
  • Open the source file with DocuCom PDF Plus and save it as a *.pdf.
  • Drag the source file to the PDF Plus work area and save as *.pdf.
  • Print the source files with PDF Driver in PDF Plus or by using a window command.
  • Use the DocuCom PDF toolbar in Microsoft Office to convert the currently opened document.

To create a PDF file in PDF Direct!:

  1. Click Start > Programs (Win2000) / All Programs (Win XP) > ZEON DocuCom > PDF Driver > PDF Direct!.
  2. Add source files to the list using the add button, or drag-and-drop files into the list area. The listed source files are converted to PDF in the order they’re placed. If necessary, click the up/down button to re-arrange the file order.
  3. Select an item from the Assemble selection box PDF Gold direct assemble Creating PDFs .
  4. Select a profile from the Profile selection box PDF Gold direct profile Creating PDFs. Modify an existing profile or create a new one, if necessary.
  5. Specify the destination settings.
  6. Click Go PDF Gold direct go Creating PDFs to start PDF creation.

Note: If the View Result PDF checkbox in the Destination Settings dialog box is enabled, the resulting PDF will be displayed after creation.

To Print a source file to PDF:

  1. Create a new document or open an existing document in any print-capable Windows application.
  2. On the File menu, select Print.
    In the Printer dialog box select DocuCom PDF Driver as your active printer.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Specify printing options.
    Enter the target PDF file name and location in the Save As dialog box.
    To view the PDF file, select View Resulting PDF.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Your printing options may differ depending on the settings you specify for DocuCom PDF Driver, as described in PDF Driver Properties.

Creating PDFs