Those working with PDF Gold in a closed (non-internet) environment can deactivate their product offline by uploading the Deactivation Data. 

  1. Choose All Programs > Zeon DocuCom > PDF Gold 8 > License Information. The DocuCom About dialog will pop up.
  2. Click Deactivate and it will start the Product Deactivation Wizard.

     PDF Gold pdw about Offline Deactivation


  3. Select By uploading the deactivation data as the deactivation method and click OK.

     PDF Gold pdw upload Offline Deactivation


  4. Save the DeactivationData.htm file to your local machine.

     PDF Gold pdw upload saveas Offline Deactivation


  5. Open the DeactivationData.htm file and click Upload.

    PDF Gold pdw upload upload Offline Deactivation


  6. Offline deactivation succeeded.

    PDF Gold pdw upload success Offline Deactivation

Offline Deactivation