To create a set of related radio buttons, you have to make sure that each radio button field has the same name separately with unique export values. The export value is the information that distinguishes and identifies the radio button and can be sent to a CGI application on a web server.

To change radio button properties:

  1. In the Radio Button Properties dialog box, click the Options tab and specify the following settings:
    • Select an item from the Radio Button Style list (Circle is the default).
    • Enter an export value to identify the radio button. The value must be different from other radio buttons that share the same Name.
    • Determine whether you want the radio button to be checked by default.
    • Select whether or not you want radio buttons with the same name and value selected in unison. For example, if the user selects a radio button that has the same field name and export value as another, both radio buttons are selected.
  2. Click Close to apply the property options you’ve selected.

RadioButton Options