In the Combo Box Properties dialog box you can set a list of items with corresponding export values for users to select from. However, users can also enter a custom value directly into the combo box.

To change combo box properties:

  1. In the Combo Box Properties dialog box, click the Options tab and specify the following settings:
    • Enter a name in the Item box.
    • In the Export Value box, enter a number value that represents the chosen item if it is exported to a CGI application, if necessary. If the Export Value box is blank, the item name is used as the exported value.
    • Click Add to add the item to the Item List.
    • Repeat above steps to add more items to the list.
    • Use the Up and Down buttons to rearrange the items in the list, or the Delete button to remove items form the list.
    • Select Sort Items to sort the Item List numerically and alphabetically. A numeric sort (if applicable) is performed before an alphabetical sort.
      If you select Sort Items, the Up and Down buttons are disabled.
    • Select Allow User to Enter Custom Text to allow the user enter a value other than the ones in the list.
    • Select Commit Selected Value Immediately to save the value as soon as the user selects it. If this option is not selected, the value is saved only when the user tabs out of the current field or clicks another form field.
  2. Click the Format tab, and choose a category type among the options. This specifies the type of data (number, date, time and so on) the user can enter. See Format Options for details.
  3. Click the Validate tab to run a custom validation script to establish that the text entered by the user is valid. See Validate Options for details.
  4. Click the Calculate tab, and select the options if you want to perform mathematical operations. See Calculation Options for details.
  5. Click Close to apply the property options you’ve selected.

ComboBox Options