You can set a variety of properties for a form field. There are different property options for different form field types. For example, the text form field includes Format, Validation, and Calculation properties which are not included in the list form field, while the list form field includes Selection Change properties which are not included in the text form field. You can set default properties for a specific form field type, which you can then use as a template when you add another form field of the same type. This will save you time when creating form fields.

To make a form field display helpful text when the user places the pointer over the form field, you can type instruction words into the Hover Text box, or add a form field’s text label in the Label box in the Properties dialog. This can help your form field be more accessible to visually or motion-impaired readers.

To set default properties for a form field type:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Forms > [desired tool], or select the form tool you used to create the form field that you want to change on the Advanced toolbar.
    • Choose Tools > Advanced > Select Object, or select the Select Object tool on the Advanced toolbar.
  2. Open the form field properties dialog box and specify the settings.
  3. Right-click the form field, and then select Set as Default Properties (Now you can create a new form field on the page using the default properties settings for that form field type).


Setting Form Field Properties