You can import form data from a Form Data Format (FDF) file or export form data to save as a FDF file. `

To import form data from an FDF file:

  1. Open a PDF form to which you want to import form data.
  2. Choose Forms > Import Data to Form.
  3. Browse to select a FDF file, then click Open.

Note: The form data you import must match the form you are importing to so that all data can be imported to corresponding form fields. If not, only those form fields which match are updated and those that don’t match will be ignored. The imported data will automatically replace any existing form data.

To export form data to a PDF file:

  1. Open a PDF form from which you want to export form data.
  2. Choose Forms > Export Data from Form.
  3. Specify a location and file name for the FDF file, then click Save.

Importing and Exporting Form Data