Form buttons can be used flexibly for specific purposes. For example, you could create an invisible button which appears only when you move the pointer over it. This could be helpful in a form if you move the pointer over a list of names and the corresponding person’s image appears.

To create a shown/hidden image button:

  1. Create a dynamic button on the area where you want it to appear (See Creating Dynamic Buttons).
  2. Open the Button Properties dialog box (See Setting Form Field Properties).
  3. In the Options tab, choose Icon Only from the Layout menu.
  4. Choose Push from the Behavior menu, then choose Rollover from the State list.
  5. Click Choose, then browse to select an image as the icon.
  6. Set No Color as the Outline Color and Fill Color in the General tab, then click Close.
  7. Return back to the Hand tool, and then move the pointer over the area. The image you defined will appear as the pointer moves over and disappears as the pointer moves away.

To show an image larger than the button area:

  1. Specify an icon for the button that will be shown and hidden. You can adjust its size on the page by dragging the button.
  2. Create a second button located where you want to rollover the pointer to show the image.
  3. In the Properties dialog box of the second button, set Show/Hide Field(s) actions which show the button when Mouse Enter, and hide the button when Mouse Exit. See Setting Special Actions.

Setting Image Button Status