You can create a button and set a Submit a form action to send form data to an e-mail address or to a web server by specifying a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

To create a submit button:

  1. Choose Forms > Button Tool, or select the Button Tool PDF Gold button Creating a Form Submit Button on the Form Tools toolbar.
  2. Drag on the document to create a button area, then open the Button Properties dialog box.
  3. Click the Actions tab and select Mouse Up from the Select Trigger menu.
  4. Select Submit a form from the Select Action menu, then click Add.
  5. In the Submit Form Selections dialog box, do one of the following in the Enter a URL for this link box:
    • To send the form data to a web server, enter the destination URL.
    • To send form data to an email address, enter mailto: followed by the email address (e.g., mailto:
  6. Select an Export Format option:
    • FDF: Exports the form data as an FDF file.
    • HTML: Exports the form data as an HTML file. You can select Get or Post method to send it.
      Note: If the users will be filling in the PDF form with a PDF reader, you must choose FDF for the Export Format option.
  7. For Field Selection, do as follows:
    • To export all form fields that contain values, select All fields.
    • To export only specific form fields, select Only these. Click Select Fields, and then indicate the form fields to include/Exclude.
    • Select Include Empty Fields and the form fields that do not contain values will be exported too.
  8. Select Convert dates to standard format to export all form dates in a single format, no matter how they are entered into the form.
  9. Click OK to accept the selections.
  10. Define the appearance and display of the button in other tabs, if necessary, or click Close.

Creating a Form Submit Button