You can change the appearance settings for links at any time with the Create Link dialog box (pops up when you create a new link) or in the Link Properties dialog box.

To change the appearance of a link:

  1. Choose the Link tool or the Select Object tool from the Tools menu or the Advanced toolbar.
  2. Right-click the link area and select Properties from the context menu to open the Link Properties dialog box.
  3. Select a color in the color palette and line thickness and line style.
  4. Choose a highlight style for when the link is selected:
    • Select None to not change the appearance of a link;
    • Select Invert to change the link’s color to its opposite;
    • Select Outline to change the link’s outline color to its opposite;
    • Select Inset to create the appearance of an embossed rectangle.
  5. Choose Visible Rectangle or Invisible Rectangle for the link type.
    Note: If you choose Invisible for the link appearance, the Color, Line style, and Line thickness are not available. If you don’t want the link displayed in the document page, you can set the Link Type as Invisible Rectangle. You should use this setting if the link is over an image.
  6. Select the Protected option to prevent accidental changes to your settings.
  7. Select the Hand tool to test the link.

Note: In the Create Link dialog box, select Set as Default Properties to save your link settings. Future links will then have the same default appearance.

You can set actions for a link to enhance the interactive quality of a document, such as running a JavaScript when a link is clicked. See Setting Special Actions.

Setting Link Properties