PDF Plus provides bookmarks in the navigation panel on the left of the window. Bookmarks usually represent the chapters and sections of a PDF document with a tree structure of the document contents.
You can create and edit bookmarks to your own needs and make navigating through documents easier. For example, you can mark page views or set actions; rename and restructure the bookmarks, etc. For more information on creating and editing bookmarks, see Using Bookmarks.

To browse with bookmarks:

  1. Choose View > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks or click the Bookmarks icon in the Navigation Panel (left toolbar) to open the Bookmarks Panel.
  2. Click a bookmark to view the chapter or section it represents.
  3. Click the plus sign PDF Gold plus Browsing with Bookmarks next to a parent bookmark to expand it. Click the minus sign PDF Gold abstract Browsing with Bookmarks next to bookmark to hide its children.
  4. Move the pointer over the vertical bar that separates the document panel from the navigation panel. You can drag to change the panel’s size when the pointer icon changes to the double arrow PDF Gold doublearrow2 Browsing with Bookmarks .

Note: Clicking a bookmark might perform an action instead of taking you to another location, depending on how the bookmark was defined.

Browsing with Bookmarks