You can number PDF pages in the Pages panel.

To number PDF pages:

  1. Choose View > Navigation Panels > Pages, or click the Pages icon PDF Gold pagespanel Numbering Pages from the Navigation toolbar menu.
  2. Select Number Page from the Options menu or from the context menu when you right-click a thumbnailed page.
  3. In the Page Numbering dialog box, set the following options:
    • Pages: Decide which pages you want to number – all, the selected, or a specified range.
    • Numbering: If you choose Begin new section, it means the selected page range will be renumbered using your numbering settings – Number Style, Prefix, and the Start Page Number. If you select Extend numbering used in preceding section to selected pages, the selected page range will be numbered following the preceding numbering settings.
  4. Click OK.

Numbering Pages