You can assign the following actions to bookmarks, links, and form fields:

  • Go to a page view
    Jumps to a specified page view in the current document or another document.

  • Open a web link
    Jumps to the specified destination on the Internet. You can use http, ftp, and mailto protocols to define your link.

  • Open a file
    Launches and opens a file. If you are distributing a PDF file with a link to a non-PDF file, the reader needs the native application of the non-PDF file for it to open it successfully.

  • Execute a menu item
    Executes a specified menu command as the action.

  • Show/Hide field(s)
    Toggles between showing and hiding a field in a PDF document. For example, if you want an object to pop up whenever the pointer is over a button, you can set an action that shows a field on the Mouse Enter trigger and hides a field on Mouse Exit.

  • Import form data
    Brings in form data from another file, and places it in the active form.

  • Reset a form
    Clears previously entered data in a form. You can control the fields that are reset with the Select Fields dialog box.

  • Submit a form
    Sends the form data to the specified URL.

  • Run a JavaScript
    Runs the specified JavaScript.

Action Types