You can set actions to occur for a bookmark or link when it is clicked. For example, you can click a bookmark or link to a target page view in the current document or in another document, execute a menu item, or perform other actions. Actions are set in the Properties dialog box. For some other items, such as form fields, you have to define a trigger that causes the action to occur and then define the action itself. You can add multiple actions to one trigger. See Action Triggers.


To specify action options:

  1. Using the Hand tool, right-click the bookmark, and choose Properties. Or, using the Select Object tool, right-click or double-click the link or form field, and choose Properties.
  2. Select the action type to occur from the Select Action menu in the Actions tab, and then click Add. You can add multiple actions; actions execute in the order that they appear in the Action list box.
  3. If you’ve defined more than one action for a behavior and want to reorder the actions, select an action and click the Up or Down button.
  4. Select the action; click Edit to make changes for the action.
  5. Select the action; click Delete to delete the action.
  6. After you have finished setting actions, click Close to exit.


Setting Special Actions