You can create and edit new watermarks for specific PDF documents.

To create a new watermark:

  1. Choose View > Organizer Panels > Watermark, or select the Watermark icon PDF Gold watermark Creating Custom Watermarks from the Organizer menu on the View toolbar.
  2. Click Create at the top of the Watermark Panel, or select New from the context menu.
  3. Do the following in the Create Watermark dialog:
    • Title: Name of the watermark. The Title cannot be empty or repeated.
    • Type: Types of content that can be inserted in the watermark. You can select Text, Image or Composite as the watermark type.
    • Properties:
      1. When Text is selected in the Type menu, you can enter content in the Text box, add different macros of Page Number, Date Time and Document Information, and change appearance settings.
      2. When Image is selected in the Type menu, you have to browse to select an image first and then determine whether to show Marked Area Only, Keep Aspect Ratio, or Cover Whole Page. You can adjust width, height, or angle of the image.
        Note: If you select Cover Whole Page, you cannot adjust the width and height of the image or change its position. When Composite is selected in the Type menu, you can add watermarks into a composite list to create a composite watermark.
    • Position:
      You can adjust the position of the text or image by selecting a different Anchor Point or changing X & Y offset. If you select Cross-page Watermark, the watermark added to the document will appears across pages.
      Note: If Composite is selected in Type menu, the watermark position cannot be changed.
  4. Click OK and the newly created watermark will show in the Watermark panel.

Creating Custom Watermarks