A watermark is text or an image that appears on document pages. It can be headers and footers in the top or bottom margins of a document superstrata that cover existing document content, or backgrounds placed behind text or images on the page, when a document is viewed and printed. For example, if you don’t want your documents to be copied without your permission, you can use a watermark to place Do Not Copy over the document pages. PDF Plus includes a set of frequently used watermarks for users to pick from.


To remove watermarks from document pages:

  1. You should make sure that the watermark can be removed, or you have the right to remove it.
  2. Choose Tools > Touchup >Touchup Object tool, or select the Touchup Object tool PDF Gold touchupobject Watermarks on the Advanced toolbar.
  3. Right-click it the watermark and select Delete from the context menu. Or, click it and then press Delete on the keyboard.

To edit watermarks in the Watermark panel:

  1. Choose View > Organizer Panels > Watermarks or select the Watermark icon from the Organizer Panel (right toolbar).
  2. Right-click a watermark in the panel and select one of the following from the context menu:
    • Select Apply to add the watermark into the document.
    • Select New to create a new watermark.
    • Select Copy to new to create a new watermark with the same settings as the selected one.
    • Select Edit to change the watermark attributes. See Creating Custom Watermarks.
    • Select Delete to remove the watermark.
    • Select Rename to give the watermark a new name.

To apply an existing watermark to a PDF document:

  1. Right-click a target watermark and select Apply from the context menu in the Watermark panel.
  2. Do the following in the Apply Watermark dialog box:
    • Select whether to add the watermark to all pages in range or a specified page range. Then pick if you want odd or even pages.
    • Adjust the opacity of the watermark added to the document.
    • Select whether to set the watermark as background.
    • Select whether to show the watermark when printing.
    • Select whether to show the watermark on screen display.
    • Preview the effect in the left Preview box.