PDF documents require either embedded or installed fonts for text attribute editing. If an embedded or subsetted font is not installed on your system, you can make changes only to color, word spacing, character spacing, baseline offset or margins.

To embed fonts using the Touchup Text tool:

  1. Choose Tools > Touchup >Touchup Text tool, or select the Touchup Text tool PDF Gold touchuptext Embedding Fonts on the Advanced toolbar.
  2. Click in the text containing the font embedding or subsetting you want to edit. A paragraph of text is enclosed in a bounding box. You can drag to select text within the paragraph.
  3. Right-click the text, and choose Properties from the context menu.
  4. In the Touchup Properties dialog box, click the Text tab to display the font name and font properties as well as embedding and subset compatibilities.
  5. Scroll through the Font menu to see a list of all the fonts. Document fonts are listed at the top; system fonts are listed below.
  6. Select a font in the Font menu. Check it if the font can be embedded or subsetted.
  7. Select the Embed and Subset option.

Embedding Fonts