You can add image files to your document with the Touchup Object tool. PDF Plus supports most popular picture formats, including jpg, bmp, and gif. After adding your image, you can copy it, save it, or add a transparency effect.

How to add a picture file:

  1. Choose Tools > Touchup > Touchup Object or click the Touchup Object icon in the Advanced Toolbar.
  2. Right-Click the document and click Place Image. Select an image from the browser and click OK.
  3. The image will be placed at the center of the page. You can use the Touchup Object tool to move it.

Flip/Rotate Image:

  • Left-click the image with the Touchup Object tool to select it, then right-click. You can choose between flipping and/or rotating the object.


  • Select an image by left-clicking it. Then ight-click an image with the image tool and select Set Image Transparency. Move the pointer to the area (or color) you would like to set transparent and click.
  • To clear the transparency, click the image to select it and then right-click. Then select Clear Image Transparency.

Note: You may only set one transparency per image.

Add/Touchup an Image