The Select Image tool allows you to copy or save images in a PDF document. It is located at Tools > Standard > Select Image, or in the Standard toolbar.


How to Copy/Save/Paste Image(s):

  • Using the Select Image tool, left-click on the image to select it, then right-click. You now have the option to copy the image, save it, or save all images currently in the document as separate files.
  • Paste the image you’ve copied by selecting Edit > Paste. You can then move the item to your desired location.


Saving All Files:

  • Using the Select Image Tool, right-click any blank area on the page. Click Save All Image As and enter a file name and location. Each created image file will have the same name but a different number designation (e.g. image_1.bmp, image_2.bmp).

Note: You can use the Select Image tool to move pasted images and stamps, but not original images or clip art. Use the Touchup Object tool to move those.


Copying a Marquee:

You can use the Select Area tool ( PDF Gold selectarea Copying and Saving Images icon on the Standard toolbar, or Tool > Standard > Select Area) to select a marquee of any size of the page contents (either text, an image, or both) and copy it to another application as an image file. Drag a marquee around the text or images, or a combination of both using the Select Area tool. Right-click on the page and choose Copy command to copy the entire page as an image. If you choose Select all and then Copy, it copies the entire content displayed in the page without the blank edge.

Copying and Saving Images