You can create custom clip art from various files including PDF, DOC, PPT and JPEG. When you create a custom clip art, you have to store it in a new group different from system’s provided clip art list.

To create a custom clip art:

  1. Choose Document > Insert Clip Art, or select the Clip Art button PDF Gold clipart Creating Custom Clip Art from the Organizer Panel (right toolbar). The Clip Art panel will appear on the right.
  2. Click Create at the top of the panel.
  3. In the Open dialog box, browse to select the file you want to use. If the file has more than one page, scroll to the page you want in the page count option. Name the custom clip art and type a group to store it. Click Open.

To edit a custom clip art:

  1. Right-click a target clip art in the Clip Art panel.
  2. To remove the custom clip art from the Clip Art panel, select Delete from the context menu.
  3. To rename the custom clip art, select Rename from the context menu.

Note: You can also press Delete from the keyboard to remove a custom clip art. Removed clip art cannot be restored. You cannot delete or rename system clip art.

Creating Custom Clip Art