Add a document-level file attachment to make it easier for readers to access related information.

Document-level attachments are added into the Attachments tab which may contains links to or from the parent document or other attached files. See Setting Links to File Attachments.

If you move the parent PDF documents to a new location, the attached files are always automatically moved together.

To open an attachment:

  1. In the Attachments tab, select the attachment.
  2. Click Open, or choose Open from the Options menu.

To save one or more attachments:

  1. In the Attachments tab, select one or more attachments.
  2. Click Save, or choose Save from the Options menu.
  3. Save the attachment:
    • To save a single attachment, name the file, specify a location, and then click Save.
    • To save multiple attachments, specify a location, and then click Save.

To attach a Document-level file to a PDF document:

  1. Click the Attachments tab, then click the Add button.
  2. In the Open dialog box, select the file you want to attach, and then click Open.

To add a description to an attachment:

  1. Select the attached file in the Attachments tab and choose Options > Edit Description.
  2. Type the text of the description in the Edit Attachment Description dialog box.
  3. Click OK.

To delete one or more attachments:

  1. Select one or more attachments in the Attachments Tab.
  2. Choose Delete Attachment from the Options menu or click the Delete button on the keyboard.

Attaching Document-level Files