You can use the Extract command to extract a page or multiple pages from a PDF document. You can also use page thumbnails to copy or move pages within a document and between documents.

To extract a page:

  1. Choose Document > Pages > Extract, or choose Extract from the Options menu in the Pages panel to open the Extract Pages dialog.
  2. Specify whether to extract the current page, a range of pages, or the chosen pages.
  3. If you select Delete after Extracting, the selected page(s) will be deleted after extraction.

Note: A secured PDF document may not allow extraction. See Viewing PDF Security Settings.

To copy or move pages within a document using the Pages panel:

  1. Open the Pages Panel.
  2. To copy a page, Ctrl-drag the page thumbnail corresponding to the page. To move a page, drag the page thumbnail or its corresponding number to the new location. A bar will appear to show the new position of the page thumbnail. The pages will be renumbered automatically.

To copy or move pages through documents Using the Pages panel:

  1. Open more than one PDF document and display them side by side in the Pages panel open.
  2. Select one or more page thumbnails in the source document from which you want to copy or move pages.
  3. To copy a page, drag the corresponding page thumbnail into the page thumbnail area of the target document. A red vertical bar will appear beside the target page in the Pages panel. Release the mouse button when the bar is in the correct location. The page is copied into the document and the pages renumbered automatically.

Extracting Pages