The PDF format is designed to be a “snapshot” of a document. For this reason, you are not typically allowed to edit as much page content as you would in say, Microsoft Word. Most substantial changes to a document should take place before PDF conversion or editing. PDF Plus’s main function is to make a PDF file more accessible for reading or distribution.

Some key features of PDF Plus:

  • Combine or overlay PDF files
    Combine or overlay several PDF files into a single document.
  • Browse with PDF Navigability
    Add bookmarks, page thumbnails, hyperlinks, and destinations to PDF documents, with custom appearances or special actions.
  • Crop and rotate pages
    Rotate and crop pages to make them more visible.
  • Insert, extract or delete pages
    Insert, extract or delete pages to make the document complete and compact.
  • Copy text and images with Select tools
    Use Select tools to copy text or images between PDF documents and other applications.
  • Edit text and objects with Touchup tools
    Use the Touchup tool to add or remove minor content from PDF pages.
  • Add watermarks
    Display text and images as the foreground or background of the PDF document pages.
  • Add Clip Arts
    Add Clip Arts to PDF pages as samples or decorations.
  • Attach document-level files
    Add document-level attachments and display/play them as reference when reading PDF documents.

Editing PDFs