Text Boxes allow you to add text to a PDF, most often to indicate where and what revisions should be made. Instead of changing the text outright, create a text box of any size and cover the original text with your adjustments. Unlike notes, text boxes remain visible and do not close.

To add comments into a text box:

  1. Choose Comments > Text Box, or select the TextBox tool PDF Gold textbox Text Boxes in the Comment toolbar.
  2. Click where you want to add a textbox and a default text box will pop up. Or, drag the appropriate size for your box yourself.
  3. Enter your text.

To edit textbox contents:

  1. Double-click the textbox to activate it.
  2. Edit the text as needed.
  3. You can change the textbox font with the Text Properties toolbar, which is activated by right-clicking when the text box is active and selecting Properties. You can also set default values in Preferences. See Comment Preferences.


  • In a text box, you should select the text first before you change the font in the toolbar.
  • Hold down the textbox area to move it.
  • To remove a textbox, right-click it and select Delete from the context menu. Or, left-click a textbox and press Delete on the keyboard.

Text Boxes